Hi-Prof Civil Infrastrcutre

Hi-prof is classified with Central Tenders Committee as infrastructure contractor for clients such as Ministry of Public works, Ministry of Energy & Water, Public Authority for Housing welfare and Public Authority for Industry.
Its specialization in Micro tunneling and CCTV works brings an edge to its capabilities. Its Expansion to Asphalt and concrete plant operations reflects its development vision.

Hi-prof has executed Micro tunneling works for pipelines diameter ranging from 200mm to 1600mm. It is one of the few qualified contractors in Kuwait for Trenchless construction.Major Micro tunneling achievements in last 5 years include:

  • – Dia. 700 mm pipe: 1,500 meter continuous length at average 14m depth from ground level
  • – Dia. 200-400mm pipe:1,500 meter vario segments
  • – Dia. 600-700mm pipe:1,750 meter
  • – Dia. 900-1600mm pipe:2,850 meter
  • – construction by pipe jacking method

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